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Halloween Hotline Manufacturing / Shipping Occurances

Possble Shipment/Manufacture Occurances in Confectionery Products

This document is a listing of possible effects on candy from manufacturing and shipping.  However, do not consider these occurrences normal if the product or its package appears tampered or is suspicious in any way. 


Normal Condition

Air Bubbles     

Result of manufacture

Color Variation

Normal Condition

Graying Chocolate (resembles light powder)

Fat “bloom” caused by exposure to heat
Sugar “bloom” caused by exposure to dampness

White Powder-like Substance

Food starch used as release agent in manufacture or during packaging

Unmixed Color

Result of manufacture

Shiny, Crystal-like Substance

Large sugar or crystals resulting from  manufacture
Hard unexpanded malted milk ball center
Tree sap, a gum sometimes present from nuts (from trees)


Result of manufacture; sometimes due to a timing imperfection in wrapping

LumpsNormal Condition


Result of manufacture; may be peanut bit, stem or fruit bit

White Particles on Candy       

Result of manufacture; may be starch that has not dissolved or sugar or salt from peanut butter

Metallic Taste 

Candy burned in manufacture

White particles on container   

Sugar or starch from manufacture

Holes   (looks as if it was made with the tip of a pin)

Air holes or starch holes that result from chocolate enrobing process; holes from sizing units

Whitish-yellow powder

On product or in container from crushing of chocolate; on surface below chocolate covering, may be starch covering for filling

Spotted Surface          

Black or Brown spots may be sugar burned in manufacture

Looks or Feels Like a Little Pebble

Hard pieces of unexpanded malted milk ball center

OtherNormal Condition

Unexpected Taste       

Citric or ascorbic acid that has not dissolved may be unusually bitter or sour; unusually strong flavoring may result from air bubbles with concentrated flavoring

Wet look         

Moisture from product of polish solution


Peanut stem approximately 3/4 ‘ long with a rough textured exterior

Stringy Substance on Surface            

Escaped cream or other center