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Hershey Revamps, Reduces Miniatures’ Wrappers

April 23, 2014
by Candy & Snack TODAY

Hershey, PA — Featuring a bolder appearance and less material, The Hershey Co. has redesigned the wrappers and bags for its Miniatures Assortments.

The company says the revamped packs were developed with shoppers’ preferences in mind and have already increased purchase intent and ratings in consumer testing.

In addition, each wrapper was reduced by 0.05 grams, which will equate to more than 271,000 pounds of materials saved during the course of a year, Hershey reports. Further, the reduction in aluminum and the energy saved by the new wrappers is enough to power 56 homes for one year.

More than 175 packaging sustainability projects have been run in three countries by the company, which claims this has saved 14 million pounds of packaging materials in a five-year period. Hershey reports it plans to cut an additional 16 million pounds of packaging from its lines by 2017.


An inforgraphic detailing the material and energy

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