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Navitas Launches Four Superfood Blends

April 29, 2014
by Candy & Snack TODAY

Novato, CA — Combining organic seeds, nuts, herbs and spices, Navitas Naturals introduces a line of four Superfood+ Seeds and Nuts mixtures formulated to deliver a balance of antioxidants, protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, the company claims.

“We aim to provide people with nutrition convenience in the form of tasty superfood snacks that help active people ensure they’re getting optimal nutrition,” CEO and Founder Zach Adelman says.

Navitas Naturals introduces four blends of superfoAccording to the company, the blends are gluten free and contain no GMOs. Maca Maple Cashews combines raw cashews, maple syrup and maca, a nutrient-dense Peruvian root; Chia Rosemary Petipas is a blend of pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and Italian seasonings.

Cashews and goji berries seasoned with basil and lightly sweetened with palm sugar are in the Goji Basil Cashews mixture, while Goldenberry Ginger Almonds pairs raw almonds with goldenberries, ginger and maple syrup.

Four-ounce reclosable pouches ship in 12-ct cases. Maca Maple Cashews and Goji Basil Cashews carry a $6.99 SRP, Chia Rosemary Pepitas has a $5.99 SRP and the SRP for Goldenberry Ginger Almonds is $7.99. They ship in 12-ct cases.

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