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NY Assembly To Vote On GE Labeling

May 8, 2014
by Candy & Snack TODAY

Albany, NY — A bill requiring the labeling of foods containing genetically engineered (GE) ingredients has been endorsed by the New York State Assembly’s Consumer Affairs and Protection Committee; however, a vote by the full Assembly has not yet been scheduled.

The bill, A.3525, mandates labels on packaged foods containing GE ingredients and all bioengineered produce and assigns penalties for noncompliance.

Sponsored by Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal and supported by Environmental Advocates of New York and the state’s Green Party, the measure was approved by the committee, which defeated a similar bill in 2013, on Tuesday.

The food industry, farmers and scientific groups oppose such legislation, asserting GE products are safe and that mandatory labeling would be costly and burdensome.

In a related story, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin intends to sign a bill requiring GE labeling that was approved in the state legislature on April 24. Its provisions become effective in 2016.

However, in April legislation (HR 4432) was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Michael Pompeo (R-KS) and G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) that would assign authority for such labeling to the FDA and would pre-empt state-level laws.

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