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Chocolate Film Claims To Satisfy Without Calories

May 12, 2014
by Candy & Snack TODAY

Los Angeles — Using a Kickstarter campaign, entrepreneur Ian Goldfarb is attempting to launch Chocolate Cravings, flavored strips of plant-based film that dissolve in the mouth and satisfy the desire for chocolate without adding sugar or calories to the diet, according to Goldfarb.

In the same manner as breath-freshener strips, the product comes in 24-ct blister packs and purport to deliver long-lasting flavor and Goldfarb suggests chocolate is one of several flavors to come.

The campaign hopes to raise $40,000 within the next 25 days; $1,565 has been raised to date through the sale of sponsorships. Once funded, the product could be market-ready in 90 to 190 days, according to Goldfarb. 

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