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Cargill Highlights Sustainability Program Progress

June 5, 2014
by Candy & Snack TODAY

Amsterdam — Reaching more than 115,000 cocoa farmers and establishing 2,550 field schools, according to Cargill, Inc.’s first global progress report.

Jos de Loor, president of the company’s cocoa and chocolate business, says: “We believe educated, empowered and successful farmers are essential to meeting the challenges facing the cocoa and chocolate sector.”

Other highlights include certifying some 77,000 growers and more than 342,000 hectares of land through farmer cooperatives, distributing 25.3 million seedlings and helping farmers receive more than $25 million in certification premium payments.


“Since we launched the Cargill Cocoa Promise, we have been focusing on delivering positive, tangible results,” de Loor says. “But in order to benefit more farmers and communities, as well as advance our ambition of a transparent supply chain, it is essential we continue to adapt our approach in each origin.”


As part of the effort, he explains the collaboration between private and public entities should be closer aligned to further understanding of challenges facing smallholders and measuring the real effect of activities to ensure they continue to have an impact.

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