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Hosokawa Debuts Hygienic Design Enrober

March 26, 2013
by kley
Leingarten, Germany — Hosokawa Bepex Gmbh launches a new hygienic design enrober under its Kreuter brand, The Chocoat Premium HD. The company claims the machine is smaller than average and can be quickly dismantled and cleaned. In addition, Hosokawa says the Chocoat is made of solid stainless steel and has a wire mesh belt that can be easily removed in one piece without cutting the wire. The in-feed and discharge knife-edge are made from a special plastic material that can also be easily removed and cleaned, the company reports. Hosokawa says the Chocoat is designed as a “unibody” with large openings where the rods and shafts are located. The mass pump, valves and machine feed are labeled with the EHEDG certification stamp and the unit is on wheels. Hosokawa claims continuous welding for the mass trough, return plate and lateral machine walls are all frame-mounted, resulting in continuously welded surface seams. The company says the water circuit and the hot air enrobing chamber are located in a separate energy block. In addition, Hosokawa reports, the sucked air is filtered away from the machinery and the blower station air is kept completely clean. In addition, the roof is sloped and allows for easy cleaning and access to the enrobing area. March 6, 2013

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