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Spanish Chocolate Manufacturer Celebrates 70 Years

April 3, 2013
by kley
Madrid — Founded in 1943 in Valencia, chocolate manufacturer Natra SA is celebrating its 70th anniversary, the company reports, and will focus on developing its non-European markets. The company, which began as A. Benlloch — Laboratorios Natra, says it was the first company to use all of the cocoa bean in its chocolate production, which led to its success in the natural extracts and cocoa derivatives arenas. In the early 2000s, Natra expanded its ingredients business and established the subsidiary Natraceutical for the production of chocolate products. At the same time, Natra acquired four European plants that manufacture chocolate coatings, chocolate, cereal bars, truffles, spreads and creams. It currently specializes in producing private label brands. The firm says it currently operates in 60 countries and ended 2012 with a profit of $419.15 million.

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