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Online Shoppers Want Post-Purchase Ease

June 5, 2013
by sadmin
Cleveland — Online shopping’s ease-of-use is an attractive factor for today’s online consumer, according to a United Parcel Service survey. Results show mobile and social media are they keys to success in e-commerce, while respondents say they seek improvement in post-purchase phases. The majority of survey participants, 83 percent, say they are satisfied with online shopping overall, according to a poll of more than 3,000 shoppers. Ease of checkout is a positive aspect of e-commerce for 81 percent of consumers, while 80 percent are pleased with the variety of brands and products offered. The ability to make purchases on the web and make returns at the store is a driving factor for 62 percent of online shoppers, according to UPS. Mobile is another priority for e-commerce consumers, with 70 percent accessing online shopping channels through digital mediums. Computers, however, are still the primary Internet purchasing outlets for 48 percent of mobile shoppers and 56 percent of total respondents. Social media sites, especially Facebook, offer opportunities for online retailers, UPS reports, considering 84 percent of Internet shoppers use at least one social media site and 77 percent use Facebook specifically. Free and discounted shipping is obviously favorable among consumers, but 37 percent also say they want retailers to make the return process easier. Data show respondents seek more control over the delivery process — 34 percent said they'd like to choose the delivery date, while 97 percent say package-tracking services are either “essential” or “nice to have.” Most consumers will not wait more than seven days for a purchase to be delivered and delivery date and cost is the most important information given during an online checkout, according to 53 percent of consumers. In fact, 54 percent say they have abandoned an online shopping cart because the shipping price made the total purchase cost more than expected.

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