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Pez To Reveal Harry Potter Dispensers

June 6, 2013
by sadmin
Orange, CT — Harry Potter characters will be depicted in 250,000 limited-edition Pez dispensers expected to launch in 2015, Pez Candy Inc. CEO and President Joseph Vittoria revealed to Referring to the brand’s popularity among collectors, Vittoria told Fox: “30 years from now you'll say, 'Gee, I've got that piece, let me see if I still have it' And lo and behold it's worth a few thousand dollars.” Boasting sets that portray icons ranging from the band KISS to Mickey Mouse, Pez recently developed a collection for Pixar Animation Chief John Lasseter. The company custom-made ten dispensers for the Academy Award-winner that resemble Pixar characters voiced by actor John Ratzenberger.

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