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TNA Debuts Seasoning Equipment

June 13, 2013
by sadmin
Sydney, Australia — TNA Australia Pty Ltd. is launching the intelli-flav OMS 5, which the company claims offers ultimate flexibility in on-machine seasoning applications and consistent coverage and flavor for both wet and dry seasoning. “With demand for snacks at an all-time high, manufacturers need seasoning systems that consistently deliver on speed, accuracy and flexibility,” TNA Managing Director Michael Green says. “Our new TNA intelli-flav OMS 5 provides just that. A great addition to our leading intelli-flav range, it’s specifically designed to push the performance limits of OMS, while meeting the latest seasoning challenges faced by food manufacturers.” Equipped with oil spray and flavor injection systems, TNA says the product provides total control of adhesion and fast flavor changes for snack lines. It also features a variable mass seasoning system with vibratory weighers to control oil spray and powder flow into the drum, “enabling an accurate, proportional amount of seasoning to be evenly applied to the product for improved coverage and flavor dispersion,” according to the company. The scarfplate on the infeed is mounted to the edge of the drum in order to better direct the product into the spraying and flavoring area and provide high quality seasoning performance, TNA claims. In addition, the company adds: “The newly designed scalloped infeed conveyor allows more product to enter the seasoning drum, while also helping to control product direction for greater accuracy and reduced waste.” Further, the intelli-flav allows for easy cleaning, TNA reports, with its modular design that is fully enclosed for increased levels of hygiene and a new pivoting drum that improves access to hard-to-reach areas.

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