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General Mills Reveals 2014 Product Lineup

July 9, 2013
by sadmin
Minneapolis — Capitalizing on the popularity of convenient breakfast items, General Mills, Inc. reports it is debuting several products in 2014, including new Fiber One and Nature Valley items. Among the new products announced in the company’s earnings call are Nature Valley Greek Yogurt Protein bars in mixed berry and strawberry, Nature Valley Protein Granola in honey oat and dark chocolate, and Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares in peanut butter and cinnamon brown sugar. Peanut butter Fiber One Protein Bars and lemon and coffee cake flavors of Fiber One 90-Calorie Brownies will also debut. Chairman and CEO Ken Powell said on the call: “Breakfast is a huge category. It’s a huge occasion. I'm going to guess $100 billion or more of products are consumed at breakfast, so that's a big ocean, and people are interested in convenience.” Sticky Bun and Coconut Macaroon flavors of Larabar’s Uber line will also be introduced and yellow and blue corn chips will be added to the Food Should Taste Good line. “Sales for our Larabar all-natural fruit and nut bars continue to grow at a robust double-digit rate,” Powell noted.

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