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Hershey To Train 20,000 Nigerian Cocoa Farmers

July 18, 2013
by sadmin
Hershey, PA — The Hershey Co. will train 20,000 cocoa farmers in Nigeria through its Hershey Learn To Grow program to grow certified cocoa, double their productivity and increase farmer income by 30 percent, the company claims. In partnership with the Sustainable Trade Initiative and sustainability advocate Source Trust, Hershey says it will use computerized tracking to provide farmers with information about the size of their farms, age of their cocoa trees and how to use fertilizers to increase production. Hershey shares the experience of a farmer in Ghana who participates in the program: “I take the advice my field supervisor gives me very seriously and I conduct more pruning now and store chemicals better. I have had more cocoa come since I became a demonstration farmer, but I will not be able to tell properly until next season,” Stephen Andoh says.

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