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Palm Oil-Free Polishing, Glazing Agents Debut

July 25, 2013
by sadmin
Westport, CT — In an effort to increase its sustainable product offerings, Mantrose-Haeuser is introducing a palm oil-free line of polishing and glazing agents. The company says the new Certicoat anti-sticking line is designed with natural waxes and provides “excellent gloss, high stability, resistance to moisture and lubricity to control sticking.” Crystalac S glazing agents are made with enhanced color brightening properties and are temperature- and humidity-resistant, Mantrose-Haeuser claims. Vice-President of R&D Stephen Santos says: “There is growing awareness among consumers of the environmental impact of standard palm oil cultivation and Mantrose-Haeuser is dedicated to providing high performance coating systems that provide our customers, the confectionery products manufacturers, with the option of using ‘palm oil free’ labeling.”

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