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Survey: Household Food Reflects Fathers' Values, Too

August 2, 2013
by sadmin
Washington — As 75 percent of men today say they have a greater role in raising their children than their fathers did, according to an Edelman survey, they're also taking part in making decisions about what to feed their children. With more than 50 percent of the 500 households studied saying both mother and father share the food planning and purchasing responsibilities, food is reflecting the values of both parents, Edelman found. More than 85 percent of participants say they limit the amount of processed food their family eats, while 75 percent say it’s important to know where their food comes from and 70 percent try to purchase food that is locally grown or raised. Almost all parents (95 percent) report it’s important to teach their children to cook and nearly 90 percent cook with fresh ingredients. Edelman Senior Food and Nutrition Strategist Mary Young, MS, RD, says: “Traditionally, we considered mom to be the only one who made nutrition and wellness a priority for the family, but it's clear it’s just as important to dad. As dad continues to elevate his role within the home, we believe he'll become an even more influential force in the food purchases.” Although brand names are not a key factor in purchasing decisions, more than two-thirds say a company's values and community initiatives are influential. Nutrition quality, taste and freshness are of utmost importance, the survey finds.

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