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European Commission Confirms Cocoa Flavanols Help Blood Flow

September 5, 2013
by sadmin
Zurich, Switzerland — European manufacturers using Barry Callebaut AG’s Acticoa brand cocoa and chocolate products can now use the claim that cocoa flavanols contribute to normal blood circulation in the human body by helping maintain elasticity of blood cells. This comes after the European Commission granted the company the proprietary rights to the claim within EU countries. Using 2.5 grams of Acticoa cocoa powder and 10 grams of Acticoa dark chocolate, the company was able to prove that a daily intake of 200mg of cocoa flavanols aids in blood flow. Barry Callebaut reports Acticoa was specifically developed to preserve up to 80 percent of cocoa flavanols that would otherwise be destroyed during the conventional chocolate-making process.

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