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Nestle Develops Deforestation Tracker

April 9, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Vevey, Switzerland — Nestle SA and Conservation International are launching Deforestation Guides for Commodity Sourcing that use data from satellites to track and illustrate areas at the greatest risk.

Nestle Head of Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainability Duncan Pollard explains: “We are using the guides alongside the mapping of our supply chains to highlight where our acquisition of raw materials runs the risk of contributing to deforestation. If we find there is a risk in an area, we will focus our auditing work together with our suppliers, and if necessary, take steps to stop the growing problem.”

Pollard says deforestation is increasing at a rate of 13 million hectares per year — an area the size of Greece. The guide is part of Nestle’s 2009 pledge that its products would not be associated with deforestation.

Nestle has also worked with its partners at The Forest Trust and ProForest to help combat deforestation by mapping its supply chains since 2010, Pollard reports. He notes Nestle has learned a great deal about countries in Latin America; Africa and Asia including Brazil and Indonesia, but Ethiopia, Honduras and Papua New Guinea were too remote to track. “The new guides can now help us do this,” Pollard says.

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