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Grocery Lists A Thing Of The Past, Study Finds

April 25, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Chicago — As shoppers make more frequent trips to the store and practice loosely constructed routines and habits, only 44 percent of primary grocery shoppers prepare a shopping list prior to a trip to the grocery store, according to a study by The Hartman Group, Inc.

Almost half of consumers take inventory of what they have at home to plan their shopping trips, 28 percent ask others in the household what they need and 17 percent plan menus before they shop. Magazines are a planning tool for three percent of shoppers and four percent research products online.

List-making varies by channel, too, the Hartman Group found, with 33 percent making lists for club, 32 percent for mass, 22 percent for drug and 18 percent for dollar.

“The path to purchase has become more complex, is continuous and cuts across more channels than ever before,” The Hartman Group reports. “Consumers are shopping more often, so the risks and the consequences of forgetting something are reduced because the next trip is only a day or so away.”

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