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Pearson's Acquires Nestlé's Bit-O-Honey

May 2, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Minneapolis — In an effort to grow its portfolio of nostalgic candy lines, Brynwood Partners VI L.P.’s Pearson’s Candy Co. has acquired the Nestlé USA, Inc.'s Bit-O-Honey brand of chewy candy.

“Many people grew up eating Bit-O-Honey and it’s not easy to find, so we believe there’s substantial distribution opportunities and there's a variety of different pack options we want to try,” Pearson’s Candy Co. President and CEO Michael Keller says.

The company has not yet decided whether Nestlé’s operations will move to Minneapolis, according to Keller.

He adds: “This represents a great opportunity for Pearson’s. Bit-O-Honey is great brand with a lot of national awareness and it fits in beautifully [with our current portfolio]. It's another classic, iconic candy brand.”

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