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Little Debbie Logo Has New Look

May 10, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Collegedale, TN — McKee Foods Corp.’s Little Debbie logo has lost the tie on her straw hat and the ruffles on her collar. She now dons a light blue plaid shirt instead of bold blue and has wispy red hair opposed to tight curls. The red Little Debbie ribbon banner has also been redesigned — the logo’s third makeover since the brand’s origination in 1960.

“Little Debbie portrays a sense of innocence and purity,” company spokesman Mike Goekler says. “It speaks to a simpler time and place that did not have all of the worries of today. There is a fine line there. We don't really want Little Debbie to be perceived as old-fashioned, but we do want her to speak to that uncomplicated space where a piece of cake is just that — something to be enjoyed.”

The company says the logo is rolling out now on products and will appear on more than 800 million Little Debbie packs annually.

Based on an original photo of Executive Vice-President Debbie McKee-Fowler as a three-year-old in 1959, the logo was updated to look more modern, McKee reports. “We opted to make subtle changes because we wanted to keep the same wholesome look that was based on an original portrait of my cousin,” Executive Vice-President of Marketing and Sales Chris McKee says.

The company claims the redesign took 16 renderings and was approved by McKee-Fowler herself. “I love the new look,” she says. “We thought it was best to make subtle changes as opposed to dramatic changes.”

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