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Natra Publishes 2020 CSR Commitment

May 14, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Brussels — Natra S.A. has pledged it will increase its purchase of sustainable cocoa, participate in a number of environmental initiatives, collaborate with local communities and improve the nutrition of its products as part of its 2020 corporate social responsibility commitment.

The company says the pledge is based on five major areas -- raw materials, especially cocoa, environmental protection, company employees, society and healthy nutrition.

Among the commitments relating to raw materials and cocoa, Natra claims it will gradually convert to using 100 percent certified cocoa and will publish records of its progress. It will also promote the protection of farmers and their families.

As part of its environmental efforts, Natra says it will eventually acquire 100 percent of its palm oil from plantations that are compatible with the survival of tropical forests. In addition, the supplier will promote the rational use of natural resources, especially water and energy, and measure the carbon footprint of its products.

Working to support the local communities in which its operations are based, the firm says it will collaborate with food banks and promote healthy living.

In order to promote healthy nutrition, Natra will focus on eliminating trans fats, replacing artificial aromas and colors with 100 percent natural ones and reducing salt content, according to the company.

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