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Wrigley Develops Dried Fruit Powder To Sweeten Gum

June 18, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Chicago, IL — The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. has filed a patent application for dried fruit powder as an alternative sweetener in gum.

The company tells Candy & Snack TODAY. “Our recently filed patent application regarding the use of dried fruit powders is another step in building a broad pantry of sweetener technologies for potential use in our gum portfolio to meet the diverse and varied needs of our consumers.”

The company says using freeze-dried fruit as a natural bulking agent is not only healthier, but also less expensive than using polyols, such as maltitol and sorbitol. The patent application includes examples of compositions with full sugar replacements and those that combine fruit powder and polyols.

Wrigley explains the downside to sucrose in its application: “Unfortunately sucrose is cariogenic and may lead to [tooth decay] as well as impacting glucose levels for those suffering from diabetes.”

The company says it has no intentions to commercialize the new formula at this time.

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