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C-Stores Prime Location For Grab-And-Go Snacks

July 25, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Port Washington, NY — Consumers are five times more likely to purchase grab-and-go snacks at c-stores than they are in other channels, the NPD Group reports, and they choose sweet snacks twice as often as salty snacks.

Everyday 28 million people buy and eat snacks within an hour, representing 12 percent of all snack-oriented convenience foods, according to NPD. Typically occurring in the morning or midday, grab-and-go snacks are 50 percent more likely to be eaten while traveling or in a car.

“Grab-and-go snacking represents a sizable opportunity and manufacturers and retailers can capture a larger share of this 'buy and consume' behavior by understanding the consumer dynamics that drive those purchases,” NPD Group food and beverage analyst Darren Seifer says. “Manufacturers need to incorporate grab-and-go snacking as part of their go-to-market strategy, particularly when developing plans for the convenience store outlet. Retailers might consider rotating the types of items stocked near the entrance or check-out counter to align with the grab-and-go snacker's needs by time of day.”

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