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Chocolate Bars Come In Moulds In New Packing System

August 5, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Providence, RI — Jennifer Rose Packaging Solutions’ new Pour-N-Pack system allows chocolatiers to pour chocolate, top it with inclusions and package the finished product while still in the mould.

The three-part package includes the compostable moulding tray, barrier pouch and paper wrapper and is designed for use with gourmet chocolate bars.

Pour-N-Pack customer Lisa Dunham, owner of Sweenor’s Chocolates, says: “Part of the beauty of this is that it's eco-friendly and our customers are into that. We pour the chocolate directly into the mould, weigh it, top it, and instead of removing the bar we can just leave it in the mould. After it cools, the bar goes into the bags, is placed into the box and gets a label. It's pretty simple.”

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