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ADM Expands deZaan Gourmet Line

August 16, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Rolle, Switzerland — Archer Daniels Midland Co. is unveiling Crispy Crunchies flakes and Onyx compound coating under its deZaan Gourmet brand for specialty confectioners and chefs.

Crispy Crunchies are golden brown flakes of fine crumbled crepes that are rich in dairy butter with a slight caramel flavor, the company claims “They stay crispy for a long time, especially in an application without any water activity,” Owner of Peeters Belgian Chocolate & Pastry Consulting Patrick Peeters says.

Made with non-hydrogenated fats, Onyx is high in cocoa butter for a rich taste and is ideal for smaller bakeries and confectioners, ADM reports. The company says it sets at room temperature and can be used for enrobing, molding and depositing and produces shiny, appealing applications that can be easily cut without cracking. It is gluten-free, kosher and halal-certified and comes in a ready-to-use format that does not require tempering.

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