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General Mill’s CEO Calls For National GMO Labeling Law

September 25, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Minneapolis — A nation-wide GMO labeling law has been touted by General Mills, Inc.’s Chairman and CEO Ken Powell as the solution to the engineered ingredient debate.

This comes as Washington state nears a decision on an ingredient-labeling referendum, which is being voted on November 5. The vote in Washington follows state initiatives passed earlier this year that are in a holding pattern, as laws ratified in Maine and Connecticut are contingent on similar legislation being approved in other states.

While the CEO is in support of a national labeling law, Powell is more in favor of labeling items that don’t contain GMOs as opposed to tagging foods that do contain genetically modified ingredients.

“Requiring a label on all products that contain GMOs would involve every product in the grocery store, and I don”t think that is justified by safety because the ingredients are safe,” Powell says.

Regardless of which items receive the label, Powell says piecemeal state legislation would be expensive for suppliers and inefficient, as manufacturers and retailers depending on uniform packs because products are often shipped across state lines.

A national labeling law is also preferred by the NCA in lieu of state mandates, according to Executive Vice-President Alison Bodor, who tells Candy & Snack TODAY: “We don't want a patchwork of state laws that our members would have to comply with. That situation would be bad for business and bad for consumers.”

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