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SweetWorks Sales Manager Gives Candy Buffet Tips

November 5, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Buffalo, NY — SweetWorks, Inc. Eastern Regional Sales Manager Julie Davidson is sharing her tips for designing candy bars/buffets — from decorating ideas to logistics.

SweetWorks says Davidson is frequently involved in developing candy bars for events including kids’ parties, showers, birthdays, religious celebrations, weddings and business gatherings.

She recommends choosing candy according to the host’s or hostess’ preferences: “Are there particular candies special to that person? Make sure your sweets are age appropriate,” Davidson says. Also consider the dietary needs of the guests and include gluten- and nut-free, kosher or sugarfree sections of the buffet, she advises.

Matching colors to the theme of the event and using consistent materials throughout the candy bar creates a cohesive look, Davidson says. She suggests using dishes and platters of all shapes, sizes and heights to diversify the display. “Glass vessels let the textures and colors of the confections take center stage, while white platters make candy stand out nicely against colored or patterned tablecloths,” she adds, noting it’s best to opt for a simple tablecloth that doesn't clash with the candy, which Davidson says should be identified with place cards.

Also ensure tables are large enough, easy-to-use scooping spoons are available and consider preparing take-home goody bags or boxes braded to match the other decorations. Davidson estimates for each guest, there should be four to eight ounces of candy.

She says: “I try to give myself plenty of time to plan and set up the candy bar. Sometimes I need to move away from the buffet to see it from afar and it helps me tremendously. Everyone has to let his or her own style come out. Candy buffets should represent your taste or your guest of honor’s!”

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