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Croklaan Helps Trans-Fat Transitions

November 11, 2013
by candyandsnacktoday

Channahon, IL — IOI Loders Croklaan Americas is helping candymakers comply with potential FDA changes to trans fat regulations at its R&D and marketing collaboration center, the Creative Studios.

The company reports it can help reformulate products to replace trans fats with suitable substitute oils and fats.

This is not the industry’s first foray into reducing or eliminating PHOs, as many manufacturers reformulated products after a 2006 labeling law required them to be included on Nutrition Fact Panels. However, the FDA estimates that 25 percent of the trans-fat containing products from 2006 still contain the oils today.

Loader Croklaan reports that because of this previous law, it has already completed the development work necessary for successful reformulations. The company recently expanded production capacity and built its Creative Studio to facilitate R&D and marketing collaborations.

Company COO Bill Troy says: “At IOI Loders Croklaan, we have long provided oil and shortening solutions that are free of partially hydrogenated oils, and we look forward to sharing our reformulation expertise with food brands to eliminate PHOs from their applications.”

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