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Herm Rowland Honored With ISM Lifetime Award

January 29, 2014
by Candy & Snack TODAY

Cologne — Jelly Belly Candy Co. Chairman Herm Rowland is the first recipient of an ISM Lifetime Award paying tribute to his “exceptional services in the confectionery and snack item sector.”

The award was presented at a formal gala attended by industry dignitaries, where Rowland was lauded by Sal Ferrara, CEO of Ferrara Candy Co., Inc. and president of the International Confectionery Association.

Rowland tells Candy & Snack TODAY he has been attending the ISM event for more than 30 years, discovering jelly beans were relatively unknown in Europe at that time. In fact, he jokes, candy corn was a real surprise to locals who protested that corn was “animal feedstuff.”

His renowned sense of humor was noted at the award event, where he drew more serious accolades for his creativity, initiative and leadership across the confectionery industry.

He admits President Ronald Reagan's love of Jelly Belly beans was a major boost to the company’s export success.

Rowland stresses the company’s commitment to the global market was reinforced by its determination to stick to the mission: “When we came, we came to stay,” he explains.

Today, looking back on his 54 years in the business, he suggests the Jelly Belly brand has proved one of the most successful U.S. confectionery exports, with a presence in some 80 countries.

Caption: (from left to right) Gerald B&oumml;se, CEO Koelnmesse GmbH; Herman Goelitz Rowland Sr., Chairman of the Board, Jelly Belly Candy Company, Bastian Fassin, Chairman of the International Confectionery Fair Taskforce (ASIM).

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