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Fruit-, Vegetable-Based Colors For Chocolate Debut

February 18, 2014
by Candy & Snack TODAY

Tarrytown, NY — Exberry OD, a line of natural colors derived from fruit and vegetables, is oil-dispersible and ideal for chocolate applications, according to supplier GNT International B.V.

The company tells Candy & Snack TODAY that the color system is ideal for chocolate applications because its oil-dispersible properties result in no separation of oil and water, resulting in colors that are vibrant throughout the application.

Datamonitor Group indicates health and wellness as a megatrend in the chocolate segment, specifically driven in part by clean labels and natural ingredients, according to the company.

Further, Datamonitor claims manufacturers can drive purchases through natural and additive-free claims as well as using simpler ingredients.

GNT reports its studies and analyses show that the colorant has no impact on shelf life or fat bloom, and that Exberry OD is comparable in cost to other non-oil dispersible fruit- and vegetable-based natural coloring.

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