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Projected Growth For Easter Sales

A family gathered around a candy-filled Easter bas
April 9, 2014
by Candy & Snack TODAY

Washington — As the result of three extra merchandising weeks this year, Easter candy sales are expected to increase four percent compared with the year prior, the NCA reports.

Further, 83 percent of consumers surveyed plan to include candy and chocolate in Easter baskets and 81 percent report they will give or share candy during the holiday, according to the Association.

Shaping those sales is seasonal merchandising, as more than half of shoppers report being influenced by holiday displays when buying in the category. In addition, 71 percent of consumers say brand is one of the major influencing factors, the NCA reports, while 72 percent  seek out classics and popular choices when purchasing candy.

Concerning product selection, 66 percent of consumers report a preference for solid bunnies versus hollow. When it comes to the Easter staple, jelly beans, of which 16 billion are made for the holiday annually, cherry remains the most popular flavor, followed by strawberry, according to the Association. 

Visit for an infographic detailing additional findings from the NCA’s survey on Easter candy preferences and buying habits.

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