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Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives in Confectionery Production

October 1 - 2, 2009
NCA Online Lunch and Learn Series

This is a webinar that has occured in the past. Recorded lectures are available to NCA Members for free.

Contact Laura Shumow for more information.

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The topics for the Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives Series were selected based on high priority areas within the food industry and are organized similar to Wal-Mart's recently announced Sustainability Index Assessment Areas. This program is meant to benefit companies without an understanding of their carbon footprint, as well as those who have already implemented a program after obtaining a baseline of their carbon emissions. The series explores a variety of environmental initiatives for the confectionery industry that are vital to increasing and improving sustainability throughout the supply chain including: Energy & Climate, Material Efficiency in Confectionery Manufacturing, Material Efficiency in the Supply Chain, Natural Resources, and People & Community. 


Energy and Climate

Lecture 1: Overview of Energy Efficiency and Climate Change for the Confectionery Industry – Prof. Milani, UW-Madison
Lecture 2: Measuring Carbon Footprint - The GHG Protocol, Pankaj Bahtia, World Resources Institute
Lecture 3: Purple Goes Green – A Confectionery Case Study, Sarah Singleton, Cadbury

Material Efficiency-Manufacturing

Lecture 1: Water Conservation –Chris Williams, World Wildlife Federation
Lecture 2: Waste Management Strategies - Diane Alwine, Hershey
Lecture 3: Green Suppliers Network - Kristin Pierre, EPA

Transportation and Packaging

Lecture 1: Transportation within the Supply Chain - Jack Ampuja, Niagara University Center for Supply Chain Excellence; Supply Chain Optimizers
Lecture 2: Walmart and Other Retailers: Implications for Candy Packaging – Victor Bell, Environmental Packaging International

Natural Resources

Lecture 1: Cocoa Sustainability – Robert Peck, World Cocoa Foundation
Lecture 2: Third Party Certification – Stephanie Daniels, The CSR Group

People and Community

Lecture 1: Corporate Social Responsibility – Paula Ivey, The CSR Group
Lecture 2: Sharing Accomplishments with Your Customers – David Pryblowski, Mars