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Fundamentals of Confectionery Science and Technology

January 15 - 16, 2010

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Series Overview
This three-part, distance-delivered course series is your opportunity to increase your understanding of the science involved in the development and manufacture of sugar-based confections and chocolates. The first two modules focus on sugar-based confections while the last module covers all aspects of chocolates. Enroll to participate in one module and gain knowledge of a specific area of candy making, or participate in two or all three.

Module 1 – Sugar Confections
Module 2 – Stabilized Confections
Module 3 – Chocolates

Who Will Benefit
This series of modules will benefit those who need to develop knowledge of the fundamentals of confectionery science and technology. Attendees will include: 

• Newly appointed food scientists
• Process engineers
• Production personnel
• Managers
• Sales staff and others who need to understand candy making science

Series Instructor
Your instructor for this course series is Dr. Richard Hartel, a professor of food engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Internationally recognized for his contributions toward understanding and describing the crystalline structure of foods, Dr. Hartel is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists. He is also a consultant for numerous food companies on a variety of issues.

Self-Directed Learning
This series of modules is being offered over the Web in a self-directed learning format. Each module consists of a series of individual lectures approximately 50 minutes in duration. The lectures use an innovative method that couples both video and graphics with lecture materials to maximize learning. Access to course materials is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for a 90-day learning period following enrollment. Included throughout the lectures are laboratory demonstrations to reinforce the principles of processing being discussed. Optional quizzes are also included to test your understanding.

Enrollment/Fee Options

Individual Module
• $695 for non-NCA members
• $549 for NCA members

Any Two Modules
• $1295 for non-NCA members
• $1049 for NCA members

All Three Modules
• $1,795 for non-NCA members
• $1,349 for NCA members

For More Information
For course information including possible group discounts, or to enroll, contact:

Douglas Reindl, Professor
University of Wisconsin–Madison  |  800.462.0876

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