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Nut Handling and Processing for Confectioners and Small Nut Processors (Webinar Series - Part II)

September 28 - October 1, 2009
NCA Lunch and Learn Series

This is a webinar that has occured in the past. The recorded lectures are available to NCA members for free (just click on each link below).   


This informative webinar series was designed to provide more information on controlling microbial risks in the handling and processing of nuts. This series is the sequel to the first Nut Handling and Processing for Confectioners and Small Nut Processors webinar series. The target audience for this webinar series includes operators of small and medium sized confectionery, snack, and other nut processors. For more information contact Laura Shumow


Overview of FDA Guidence Documents on Nut Processing  

Donald Zink, Scientific Advisor at FDA

Review of lessons learned from recent peanut and pistachio nut recalls. Get an overview of FDA guidance documents on peanut and pistachio processing.

Microbiological Testing in the Nut Handling and Processing Facility
Tom Mackie, Quality & Food Safety Consulting and Laurie Post, Mars

Sampling and testing for detection of pathogens such a Salmonella
The value of using indicator organism testing managing an environmental testing program
Raw material testing
Intermediate ingredients testing
Finished products testing
Breaking down a composite sample, resampling, and retesting
Managing microbiological testing labs, both in-house and external contract labs
Establishing a capable hold & release system

Cleaning & Sanitation: Concerns for Nut Handlers and Processors  
Tom Boufford, Ecolab

Establishing and abiding to a Master Sanitation Schedule
Record keeping and SSOPs to document and control procedures
Dry cleaning areas and methods to deploy
Wet cleaning methods and COP / CIP
Cleaning up a process area following the isolation of a known pathogen
Maintaining environmental control throughout the facility, including external areas such as the roof
Proper stoarage and use of cleaning and sanitation chemicals for maximum effectiveness
Calibration and maintenance of cleaning / sanitation tools and equipment
The importance of operator hygiene and employee / contractor training
Verification of effective cleaning and sanitation using inspection techniques, swabs, and test kits

Supplier Assurance Programs for Nut Processors
Warren Stone, Grocery Manufacturers Association

Development of a comprehensive Material Management Program
Conducting material risk assessments for all raw materials and packaging
Performing supplier audits, including who conducts them, supplier audit frequency, audit report formats, and the use of third party auditors
Specifications and supplier requirements for various types of raw and processed peanut / tree nut materials
Determination of critical parameters for raw materials and packaging; what should be sampled, tested, and what needs a COA
How to establish strong vendor communication NewLinks, and assure timely notification of any material, process, or facility changes
Material sourcing controls, especially for any imported material components
Establishment of a corrective action process to provide assurance that the supplier will comply with suggested process improvements


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Nut Handling and Processing Resource Guide

Donald Zink's Powerpoint Presentation

Microbiological Testing Powerpoint Presentation

Cleaning and Sanitation Powerpoint Presentation

Supplier Assurance Powerpoint Presentation