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Nut Handling & Processing for Confectioners and Small Nut Processers Part II (Supplier Assurance Programs)

October 1 - 2, 2009

Supplier Assurance Programs for Nut Handlers
Thurs, Oct 1
12:00 – 1:00 pm EST
Cost: Free to NCA Members (just click the link above)

Presenters: Warren Stone, Grocery Manufacturers Association

Topics Covered:

  • Development of a comprehensive Material Management Program
  • Conducting material risk assessments for all raw materials and packaging
  • Performing supplier audits, including who conducts them, supplier audit frequency, audit report formats, and the use of third party auditors
  • Specifications and supplier requirements for various types of raw and processed peanut / tree nut materials
  • Determination of critical parameters for raw materials and packaging; what should be sampled, tested, and what needs a COA
  • How to establish strong vendor communication NewLinks, and assure timely notification of any material, process, or facility changes
  • Material sourcing controls, especially for any imported material components
  • Establishment of a corrective action process to provide assurance that the supplier will comply with suggested process improvements

To View the Powerpoint Slides for This Lecture: Click Here