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Shopper Solutions Theater Learning Labs

Business Practices Education

May 20 - 22, 2014
Chicago, Ill.

The Shopper Solutions Theater, powered by Sweet Insights, provides all Sweets & Snacks Expo attendees with the opportunity to hear merchandising experts discuss ways to improve shopper experience, loyalty and engagement. 

Leveraging Secondary Location in C-Stores to Drive Sales in the Aisle
Kit Dietz, President of Dietz Consulting

Driving Candy and Snack Sales with Mass Merchandisers
Richard Winter, President of POPAI

Global Shopper Trends that Will Impact Your Business
Craig Elston, SVP Insights and Strategy for Integer

How Merchandising Can Inspire and Engage Your Shoppers
Michelle Adams, Founder of Brainology

Differentiating Your Store and Winning Shopper Loyalty Through In-Store Experience
Jeff Rubin, Founder and CEO of IT'SUGAR

E5: Five Practical Principles for Maximizing Everyday Business
Larry Wilson, Vice President of Customer Relations for the National Confectioners Association