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Chocolate Safety Resources for Bean to Bar Manufacturers

Webinar —

January 1 - 2, 2013

This is a webinar that has occured in the past. Recorded lectures are available for free.

NCA's 3-part webinar was designed for micro and medium artisan confectioners that process cocoa beans and manufacture chocolate. These recordings are designed to inform chocolate manufacturers of impending laws and regulations that will impact their business and the essential food safety strategies to manage and control risks inherent to cocoa. The convenient format allows these three informative seminars to be viewed at anytime from anywhere that has internet. For more information, contact: Laura Shumow.

Part 1: Introduction and Overview of Chocolate Safety Recording 
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Introduction and Overview Powerpoint Slides

Forward: Importance of Food Safety to the Small Chocolate Manufacturer
Gary Guittard

  • Perspective of a chocolate manufacturer – why it is worth investing in your food safety program
  • Importance of working together: a single incident can impact the entire

Regulatory and Risk Overview
Alison Bodor

  • Overview of current food safety environment and new legislative/regulatory requirements
  • Mandatory food safety plans, traceability, increased inspections from FDA
  • Regulatory and food safety issues affecting cocoa bean processors (ag
    chemicals, heavy metals)
  • Importance of industry cohesion and communication on food safety issues

Pathogens and Chocolate
Dr. Steve Goodfellow

  • Types of microbes/pathogens found on cocoa beans, incidence rates
  • Sources of contamination
  • Characteristics of different pathogens: Salmonella, other
  • Historical incidences of contamination involving chocolate, almonds, PCA: common factors
  • Cocoa bean roasting: pathogen reduction and process validation (challenges using surrogate organisms, con founding factors, cost, time, outside resources)

Part 2: GMPs for Cocoa Beans and Chocolate Manufacturing Recording
Tom Mackie

GMPs for Cocoa Beans and Chocolate Manufacturing Powerpoint Slides 

  • GMP Introduction and Overview
  •  Supplier quality assurance programs – special considerations for the micro or small manufacturer
    •  Incoming specifications and testing of cocoa beans
    • Incoming specifications and testing of other ingredients in chocolate: milk, nuts, dried fruits, exotics
  •  Storage and handling of raw cocoa beans
  • Finished product testing vs environmental sampling
  • Lot codes and recall preparation
  • Regulatory requirements and appropriate sampling and testing methods.

Part 3: HACCP Principles Overview Recording
Dr. Sterling Thompson

HACCP Principles Overview Powerpoint Slides

  • Introduction to the principles of HACCP and their application to cocoa processing
  • Chocolate manufacturing hazards (physical, chemical, biological)
  • Identification of CCPs for chocolate manufacture from cocoa beans (cocoa bean roasting)
  • Establishing critical limits
  • Chocolate CCP monitoring & record keeping
  • Chocolate CCP validation & verification

Additional Resources