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Springtime Candy Wreaths

Materials Needed:

  • Foam ring (12-inch, 8-inch, 6-inch, etc. – decide what size you would like your wreath)
  • Pastel candy pieces – we like speckled malted milk balls, gum balls or candied almonds
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks

Optional materials:

  • Spray adhesive 
  • Easter grass or shredded packing paper in coordinating color 
  • Ribbon 


  • Decide the pattern and theme for your wreath. You can use all colors, as shown in the wreath using candied almonds, or choose a color scheme. You also might decide to use a variety of sizes as shown in the yellow, green and white wreath above.
  • Warm glue in gun and apply a small amount to your first piece of candy. Press it firmly but gently against the foam ring. If you are using a variety of sizes, start with the largest pieces.
  • Continue gluing candy pieces to the foam ring being cautious not to group too many like colors in one area. Cover the foam ring with candy. If you are using a variety of sizes, be certain to leave gaps to fill in with smaller sizes. When you have used all of your largest sized pieces, begin filling in with smaller pieces. 
  • When the surface of the wreath has been covered, glue additional pieces to the top to give the wreath dimension and cover spaces.
  • To finish, you can add a ribbon that coordinates with the theme of your wreath.


  • Before gluing candy to the foam core, you can cover the surface with Easter grass.
  • Follow the directions below and then continue with the directions above:
    • First, spray the wreath with spray adhesive in a well ventilated area.
    • Next take a small handful of Easter grass or shredded packing paper and press it to the wreath.
    • Continue pressing grass to the foam ring quickly before the adhesive dries.
    • You can shake off or trim excess if necessary. You are now ready to add candy to the wreath.