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Candy can be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and is certainly a great element in the fun we have with family and friends. Whether part of a recipe, game, craft or party, candy brings out the fun in life in a unique way.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Lollipops

  • The world’s largest lollipop was certified on July 18, 2012. Weighing in at 7,003 lbs, the lollipop stands 4-feet and 8.75-inches in length, 3-feet and 6- inches in width, and 5-feet and 11-inches in height. With the stick, the creation is 11-feet,10-inches tall. That's about as tall as an elephant. Can you guess the flavor of the world's largest lollipop? If you guessed chocolate, you're right! The previous record-holder (2002) was cherry flavored and weighed 4,031 lbs (with stick), measured 18.9 inches thick and was more than 15 feet tall with stick. 
  • The word lollipop is used in many different songs including “Lollipop Guild” featured in the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” the Chordettes “Lollipop” and “The Good Ship Lollipop” from a 1934 Shirley Temple movie called “Bright Eyes."
  • National Lollipop day is celebrated on July 20th.
  • The original lollipop machines made 40 lollipops in one minute. At that rate it would take 592 days to make enough lollipops to cover the 2,153 miles between Sugar Hill, Ga. and Sugar City, Idaho.
  • Today’s machines produce 5,900 lollipops per minute. Can you determine how many days it would take to make to cover the distance between the two cities? (Today’s machines would take only four days to make the 34,103,520 lollipops needed to stretch the distance between Sugar Hill, Ga. and Sugar City, Iowa.)

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