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Candy can be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and is certainly a great element in the fun we have with family and friends. Whether part of a recipe, game, craft or party, candy brings out the fun in life in a unique way.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Gum

  • Chew gum until the sugar is gone to blow a bigger bubble. Sugar does not stretch and can cause the bubble to collapse early
  • Ice cubes help remove gum from clothing
  • In 1994, Susan Montgomery Williams of Fresno, Calif. set the record for largest bubble blown at 23 inches in diameter
  • The majority of gum is purchased during the Halloween and Christmas seasons
  • Gary Duschle of Virginia Beach, Va. holds the Worlds Record for the longest gum wrapper chain at 8.13 miles long. It almost stretches a quarter of Virginia Beach’s 38-mile shoreline
  • Steve Fletcher holds the world record for largest gum wrapper collection with 5,300 packets from all over the globe. He stores his sweet stash in an old-fashioned shop display cupboard at his home in London. Steve has examples of Wrigley's Spearmint Gum from 25 different countries.
  • Despite rumors, it does not take accidentally swallowed chewing gum seven years to pass through the human digestive system. Gum passes through the body in the same amount of time as other foods. However, a large portion of the physical makeup of gum is indigestible and meant to be chewed and discarded, not swallowed.

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