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Easy Caramel Apples

Ingredients: Caramel apples

2 tablespoon water
4 firm apples (we suggest Granny Smith)
14-ounce bag caramels 
chopped nuts (optional)
chocolates (optional)
baking sheets
4 popsicle sticks
microwave-safe bowls 


  1. Wash apples, remove stems and dry. 
  2. Push one stick into the top, center of each apple. Set aside.  
  3. Unwrap caramels and place with water in a large microwaveable bowl.  
  4. In one-minute increments, microwave on high, stirring after each minute passes, until caramels are melted.  
  5. Remove caramel mixture from microwave.  
  6. Hold each apple by the stick and dip into hot caramel sauce, turning to coat. Let excess drip back into pan. Scrape caramel off the bottom of the apple with a knife, or use the edge of the bowl. 
  7. If desired, roll coated apples in chopped nuts before the caramel has set. 
  8. If desired, melt chocolate in microwave safe bowl in the same manner as described above for caramels. Drip or carefully pour thin lines of chocolate onto the coated apples as caramel is starting to set. 
  9. Place coated apples on a greased baking sheet and put in refrigerator for 15 minutes or until caramel is set. 
  10. Store in refrigerator.