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Feel free to incorporate these 'trick or tweets' in your Twitter marketing calendar or personalize them in any way you choose. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter @CandyUSA for more sweet tweets!

Oct. 1 - Happy National #Homemade Cookies Day! Share a photo of your #candycookies with @candyusa. For #recipe inspiration:

Oct. 2 - We're counting down the days (28) to #Halloween. When do you buy your #candy for trick-or-treaters? Shop early for best selection! #SweetTip

Oct. 3 - "@candyusa" survey reveals America’s spook-tacular candy preferences for the holiday season:

Oct. 4 - October is National #Caramel Month. Surprise your friends or colleagues with caramel apples. Simple #recipe here:

Oct. 5 - Most Americans are hoping for a chocolately #Halloween: 72% of people prefer #chocolate over other candy:

Oct. 6 - Did you know that candy corn was first made over 100 years ago? Learn more about this traditional sweet:

Oct. 7 - Manic Monday? Chewing gum may help you concentrate. Learn more about the latest research:

Oct. 8 - Looking forward to #Halloween? So are we! Check out these fabulous candy-inspired recipes:

Oct. 9 - #SweetReminder: It's National #Caramel Month! Celebrate this sweet treat as a topping on your ice cream or compliment to your apple.

Oct. 10 - "@candyusa” survey says 74% of Americans will hand out #Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters this year. Are you in the sweet majority?

Oct. 11 - October is National #Caramel Month. Take your brownies to the next level with this sweet ingredient! #Recipe here:

Oct. 12 - Already in the #Halloween spirit? Get inspired by @candyusa pins: #costumes #recipes #parties

Oct. 13 - Do you know the most popular way to eat candy corn? 47% of Americans say savoring the whole thing at once. What's your style?

Oct. 14 - Will you limit your child's candy this month? @candyusa has great #moderation tips for making #Halloween candy last:

Oct. 15 - Entertain your family with #Halloween activities - crossword, coloring - from @candyusa:

Oct. 16 - Do you help yourself to your kids’ Halloween haul? How generous are your coworkers with candy? Get the scoop from @candyusa:

Oct. 17 - Craving candy corn? Go ahead, have 1 piece, or 25, which average about 145 calories. More @candyusa Treat Right Facts:

Oct. 18 - "@candyusa” survey says… women are more likely than men to sneak candy or mandate a family sharing rule:

Oct. 19 - Feeling generous with candy this month? Us too! #Halloween is the top holiday to share #candy. @candyusa facts:

Oct. 20 - Sweet fact: dark chocolate can be kept for a year or more if wrapped in foil and stored in a cool, dark and dry place. More candy storage tips:

Oct. 21 - According to @candyusa's survey, 74% of Americans will hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this year. Still time to stock up for #Halloween!

Oct. 22 - “Trick or treat, give me something chocolate to eat.” Are you one of the 72% of Americans who prefer chocolate for Halloween?

Oct. 23 - Sweet fact: Trick-or-treating, a largely American custom, was popularized in the 1950s by the Baby Boom generation:

Oct. 24 - When purchasing #Halloween #candy, 64% of Americans say their personal tastes or favorite brands have the biggest impact on what they buy.

Oct. 25 - When it comes to #Halloween #candy, adults are the gatekeepers, limiting children’s consumption -@candyusa survey. #moderation

Oct. 26 - Hillary Clinton turns 66 today. Try out her recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Oct. 27 - #SweetReminder: It’s National Mother-in-Law Day. Show your appreciation by giving your beloved’s mother a box of her favorite chocolates.

Oct. 28 - Happy National #Chocolate Day! Savor a piece while you learn sweet facts:

Oct. 29 - #Halloween is almost here so make sure you know how to store your candy! Don't mix chocolate with gummy candies. @candyusa tips:

Oct. 30 - Happy National Candy Corn Day! How much do you know about this popular #Halloween treat? Sweet info from @candyusa:

Oct. 31 - Happy #Halloween! Enjoy spreading the #candy cheer today, but make sure your treats last. #Moderation tips:

Provided by the National Confectioners Association