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Halloween Hotline 2010

Since 1983, the Halloween Candy Hotline has helped restore the public’s confidence in Halloween and kept the lines of communication open, should law enforcement officials or poison control centers receive a report of alleged candy tampering. 

What is the hotline?
The Hotline is an 800 number staffed by NCA employees that police, sheriffs, and poison control centers can call for help in handling the complaints of alleged tampering of candy products.  We take down the relevant information and then forward it on to the company whose product is involved so that your company and the officers can establish a line of communication.

Hotline Number: 1-800-433-1200

A call to the Hotline can help clear up any confusion and avoid unnecessary public alarm in the community.  Hopefully, police will reach for our phone number rather than contact the local television station.  THIS HOTLINE IS NOT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC.  IT IS STRICTLY FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY.

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