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The Faces of Halloween - Custom Trick or Treat Bags

Ghost, pumpkin, monster or witch? Mix and match to create your own terrifying new beast.

These fun trick or treat bags are easy to make with our free Halloween templates.

Design Your Own Trick or Treat Bag



Tracing and coloring the template



  • Wash and iron pillowcases to remove the deepest of the wrinkles left after having been folded up.
  • Use an X-Acto knife or scissors to carefully cut and trim the templates. Remove all the areas in black, leaving holes in the card stock for tracing the elements. Use extra care with elements that have multiple parts. For example, two of the noses include nostrils (Fig. 1). You will remove the black outline of the nose and then cut the white nostrils from section you removed. When tracing your template, the nostrils will be placed independently onto the pillowcase. Some of the mouths also need to be trimmed differently using extra care (Fig 2).
  • Place the templates on the pillowcases in any combination that you like. Remember that the open end of the pillowcase is the top so hats, hair or eyes should be located closer to this end.
  • Use a pencil to trace the element onto the pillowcase.
  • Use the fabric marker to outline and then fill in the face elements. Again, be very careful with elements like nostrils, eyes and mouths. 

Fig. 1

Use care when cutting the noses

Fig. 2

Use care when cutting mouths