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Last Updated: February 4, 2014

Topic: Labeling


FDA regulates the labeling of all food and beverages, and NCA is dedicated to ensuring that the confectionery industry is aware of industry labeling requirements.


Following federal and state labeling regulations is essential the food industry to ensure the health and safety of consumers. NCA monitors all FDA rules and regulations that pertain to labeling requirements for the confectionery industry. 

In the near future NCA expects FDA to release final rules on vending labeling and menu labeling which will mandate how calories are displayed in vending machines and on menu boards. Additionally, FDA has announced that it plans to update and possibly change the format of the Nutrition Facts panel, which has not been revamped since its creation in the early 1990s.

Aside from FDA initiatives, NCA has launched a front-of-pack calorie labeling system specific to the confectionery industry to help consumers understand what is in their favorite treats.

Lastly, NCA has seen intense interest in the area of genetically engineered food labeling at the state-level with more than 25 state legislatures considering GE labeling bills.