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Last Updated: May 7, 2014

Topic: Nutrition Facts panel


FDA has released its proposed updates to the Nutrition Facts panel in to make the information easier for consumers to understand. FDA proposed two rules: the first focuses on "reference amounts customarily consumed" and serving sizes, and the second focuses on the design of and content display in the Nutrition Facts panel.


Providing consumers with relevant nutrition information is of the utmost importance to America’s confectioners. NCA thanks FDA for the tremendous amount of work that has gone into updating the Nutrition Facts panel, arguably the American consumer’s best source of information on a product.

NCA will be reviewing FDA’s proposed rules to determine the impact on confectioners. However, NCA does not support the added sugar labeling proposal, as it is not enforceable because there is no analytical test that can distinguish between intrinsic and added sugars. Additionally, moderate amounts of added sugar have never been shown to be associated with increased health risks. 

With the update of the Nutrition Facts panel, American confectioners, even the smallest among them, will have to spend millions of dollars updating and changing labels, so ample time to come into compliance is crucial. NCA looks forward to working with industry and the agency as this rule and others become final. 

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