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Candy and Your Health

The idea that diet, and specifically chocolate, is implicated in the etiology of acne remained widespread within the medical profession until recently. Among the first to question the NewLink between chocolate and acne...

According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately five million Americans (5-8 percent of children and 1-2 percent of adults) have a true food allergy.

Antioxidants in Chocolate
A fact that is not so well known is that chocolate ranks right up there with apples in antioxidant levels.

Dental Caries
While sugars have been implicated in the development of dental caries, it has long been known that any food containing fermentable carbohydrates - including cooked starches such as bread, cereal, crackers, etc. - can promote caries formation.

Some individuals report reactions to chocolate that are not classified as allergies. These reactions, including migraine headaches, may be exacerbated by genetics, lifestyle, medications and hormones.

Candy and chocolate represent only a small portion of the American diet, yet these delicious foods are easy targets for potential causes of obesity.