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Company Details

Location(s) – City, State – Cong. District

Bryan, OH – 5th District


Founded: 1906

U.S. Employees: 270

Exports to Other Countries:

Kirk Vashaw, President and CEO

Kirk Vashaw
President and CEO
NCA Board of Trustees

Spangler Candy Company

Spangler Candy Company

Spangler Candy Company was founded in Bryan, Ohio, in 1906 by Arthur Spangler. Two years later, his brother Ernest Spangler suggested selling candy and soon the Spangler Candy Company was born.

To this day, Spangler remains a family-owned and operated private company with Kirkland B. Vashaw, a fourth generation descendent, as current President and CEO. Spangler Candy Company employs 270 people and produces more than 10 million Dum Dum lollipops and three million candy canes every day. In its 500,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bryan, some of America’s most well-known confections are made, including Dum Dums, Saf-T-Pops, Circus Peanuts, Spangler Candy Canes and more. The line of confections continues to grow with newly acquired licensing agreements with Jelly Belly Candy Company to produce jelly bean-themed candy canes, and with the Disney Company to create Disney character-themed treats.

Company Products


Spangler is known for products such as Candy Canes, Circus Peanuts, and Dum Dum Pops.