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State Affairs

The NCA state affairs program tracks and monitors legislation in all 50 states that impacts confectionery manufacturing and sales. This information is shared on a monthly basis with the NCA State Affairs Committee in a report that includes a short analysis of pending legisltation in in-session states. NCA engages in state lobbying and grassroots outreach as determined by the committee.


Some of the issues tracked include:

  • Proposed candy taxes
  • Labeling proposals related to genetically modified organisms, added sugars, caffeine, etc.
  • Vending/sales restrictions
  • Ingredient restrictions
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program choice restrictions


NCA's state affairs team communicates in a variety of ways with the committee and the broader NCA membership through multiple vehicles, including:

  • Monthly committee communications
  • Issue updates shared via the NCA Business News
  • Issue alerts shared with relevant states and Retail Confectioners International
  • Biannual emails to state coalitions with state and federal information
  • Annual report - activity and top confectionery legislative trend reports each December


NCA is dedicated to building strong state coalitions in key confectionery states. Aside from states with a large confectionery presence, NCA works on coalition-building around certain issues as they arise. NCA has formed or joined coalitions to fight a state candy tax in Vermont, to host member networking and legislative receptions in Illinois and Pennsylvania, and to work with the food industry on GMO labeling legislation. NCA has also hosted coalition-building events in California, Maryland, New York and New Jersey.