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Easter Bunny Sweets and Treats Out-Hop Bunny Rabbits as Top Easter Gift

Vienna, Va. (March 13, 2007) – Move over Peter Cottontail, Americans revealed in a new national survey by the National Confectioners Association (NCA) that chocolate and candy bunnies far outrank live rabbits as the most desired Easter gift. In NCA’s survey, a whopping 82 percent of respondents said they would prefer a chocolate or candy bunny for Easter, while only 4 percent said they would prefer a live rabbit.

The leading reason confectionery bunnies hop to the top of the gift giving list is that they do not require feeding or clean up, as cited by 38 percent of survey respondents. Other winning attributes:

Candy or chocolate is always the best present (20 percent)
Candy or chocolate bunnies are always sweet in nature (13 percent)
Chocolate or candy bunnies cannot bite back when you nibble on their ears (8 percent)
Chocolate or candy bunnies cannot run away or escape (6 percent)
“With Americans preferring edible bunnies to the real deal, along with the fact that over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies will be made this holiday, confectionery treats are the perfect no-muss, no-fuss gift to share on Easter morning,” said Larry Graham, president of NCA. “And as revealed by the Easter Bunny himself, in NCA’s ‘The Big Bunny’s Top 10’ list, candy and chocolate are tops and you can’t go wrong when it comes straight from the Bunny’s mouth.”

When it comes to knowing which types of bunnies please the palate, the majority of Americans say a solid chocolate bunny (42 percent) first and foremost, followed by a hollow chocolate bunny (21 percent), marshmallow bunny (10 percent) and other types of Easter bunny candy (9 percent).

Given the overwhelming popularity of chocolate bunnies, this Easter NCA has partnered with the Columbus House Rabbit Society’s “Make Mine Chocolate!™” campaign to spread the word about the sweet victor in the battle of the bunnies. “Make Mine Chocolate!™” aims to educate the public about the challenges of caring for a live rabbit and encourages the purchase of chocolate bunnies, instead of live rabbits, for Easter gifts.

Straight from the Bunny’s mouth

As families begin to prepare for Easter, NCA has released “The Big Bunny’s Top 10” to inform consumers about the leading reasons the Easter Bunny declares candy bunnies outrank live rabbits as Easter gifts.

According to the Easter Bunny, chocolate and candy bunnies make better presents because they:
10. Don’t require bathing
9. Don’t need their toenails clipped
8. Won’t hop out of your Easter basket
7. Don’t shed on your Easter clothes
6. Can’t bite back when you nibble on their ears (76 percent of people eat the ears first on candy bunnies)
5. Can come to the dinner table
4. Can be shared with your friends and family
3. Are easy to travel with (in the car, to school or work)
2. Are always sweet in nature
1. Never require feeding or clean up

To ensure the Easter Bunny’s treats last past April 8, NCA has developed Treat Smarts: A Guide to Nutrition and Activity, a brochure to help families make a plan to enjoy candy in moderation as part of an active lifestyle. Easter candy fun facts, recipes and the downloadable Treat Smarts brochure can be found at .