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New Survey Reveals Kids Grab Chocolate Bunnies First on Easter Morning

VIENNA, VA, March 20, 2006 –The chocolate bunny continues to hop to the top of kids’ lists for Easter basket treats. This Easter, the National Confectioners Association conducted a national survey to uncover kids’ favorite Easter traditions. It found that more than half of kids polled grab for bunnies first in their basket and 75 percent are willing to do extra chores for extra Easter candy.

The National Confectioners Association, the major association representing candy manufacturers, polled kids aged nine to twelve to find their favorite Easter basket treats, uncover which traditions they ranked highest and discover how early they get up in the morning in anticipation of the holiday. It found that, like Christmas morning deliveries from Santa, kids rise early to check out what the Easter bunny delivered. More than half (57 percent) of kids get up before or at sunrise on Easter morning.

“The survey shows that kids continue to enjoy and embrace the Easter holiday. Every year the Easter season brings alive traditions our families have celebrated for centuries – whether it’s Easter baskets filled with treats like chocolate bunnies, jelly beans or marshmallow treats or the family’s annual Easter egg hunt,” said Larry Graham, president of the National Confectioners Association.

Tradition Trumps Holiday Season

Easter Basket Favorites. In addition to chocolate bunnies, other Easter candies ranked high. Kids also grab for marshmallow treats (18 percent), malted milk balls/eggs (17 percent) and jelly beans (16 percent) first when checking out their Easter baskets.
Top Easter Traditions. Although kids love chocolate bunnies, the survey revealed that there are other Easter morning traditions kids like even more. Most kids pick either Easter baskets (46 percent) or an Easter egg hunt for candy-filled eggs (39 percent) as their favorite traditions.
Will Work for Favorite Treat. Sixty-six percent of kids are willing to do extra chores for Easter candies like chocolate bunnies, malted milk eggs, marshmallow treats, or jelly beans.
Easter Early Birds. More than half of kids surveyed get up before or at dawn. In addition, more boys get up when the sun rises, 62 percent, compared with girls at 48 percent.
“With 85 percent of kids ranking Easter baskets and hunting for eggs filled with candy as their top two Easter traditions, parents need to make a plan to ensure that the candy will last beyond Easter morning. Holidays associated with candy create a natural opportunity to talk with your kids about proper diet and nutrition and how some of their favorite treats, like candy, can be included as part of an overall healthy, active lifestyle,” said Graham.

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